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Research Grants

Advancing medical knowledge 

Commitment to cultivating discoveries

Independent medical education and research grants empower healthcare professionals and institutions to explore innovative research, educational initiatives, and scientific advancements. 

With a steadfast dedication to fostering collaboration and driving medical progress, Endo supports initiatives that broaden understanding, improve patient care, and shape the future of healthcare.

    • Independent Medical Education

      Endo’s Independent Medical Education (IME) Grants provide funding in the form of unrestricted grants to support independent medical educational programs, fellowship programs, and in some cases, independent accredited programs for U.S. healthcare professionals.

      This grant underscores our commitment to improving patient health by supporting educational initiatives that meet our standards of quality and compliance.

      • Endocrinology

        Central Precocious Puberty
      • Orthopedics
        Dupuytren's Contracture
      • Urology and Men’s Health
        Peyronie’s Disease
        Hypogonadism – Low Testosterone

      Canadian requestors, please visit

      All IME grant requests, whether for continuing education or fellowship/resident programs, must be submitted via the Endo Grant Management System. 

      Requests for IME Grants must be submitted 75 days prior to the start date of the educational activity. No grant will be reviewed or approved after the start date. 

      IME grant and fellowship requests should contain the following documentation in order to be considered complete submissions and ready for committee review: 

      • Program brochure (if available) 

      • Agenda 

      • Detailed budget 

      Once an application is submitted, the requestor will receive an acknowledgement of receipt. A formal notification on an application's status will be sent once a decision is reached.

      Submissions are reviewed by the Endo Grant Review Committee on a regular basis and evaluated for their educational and scientific merit; alignment with Endo's areas of therapeutic interest; contribution to the improvement of patient healthcare outcomes; audience scope; compliance with legal, ethical, and professional obligations; and availability of resources.

      Our policies dictate that IME grants may only be provided in support of an educational initiative that is organized and conducted completely independent of influence from Endo and its representatives.

      All Endo-supported IME activities must:

      • Be non-promotional in tone/nature
      • Provide information that is fair and balanced
      • Present multiple treatment options as dictated by standard of care and not focus exclusively on one approach
      • Be accurate and not misleading
      • Apply all applicable disclosures regarding Endo funding during the educational activity
    • Investigator-Initiated Research

      Endo is committed to advancing medical and scientific knowledge about our therapies and improving patient care through Investigator-Initiated Research (IIR) Grants. 

      This program is open to all U.S. physicians, researchers, and institutions interested in conducting their own studies to address important medical and scientific questions related to our products and research areas of interest. We provide support for independent research proposals that meet our standards of quality and compliance.

      Investigator-initiated research is conducted independent of Endo. The investigator or the institution (academic, private, or government) serves as the sponsor of the research and is responsible for all aspects of the study, from concept to legal and regulatory compliance.

      • Endocrinology
        Central Precocious Puberty
      • Orthopedics
        Dupuytren's Contracture
      • Urology and Men's Health
        Peyronie’s Disease
        Hypogonadism – Low Testosterone

      Endo accepts submissions for both clinical (interventional and observational) and preclinical studies (in vitro and animal).

      Grants may be provided in the form of financial support, product supply, or both.

      The Endo IIR grant is open to all U.S. physicians, researchers, and institutions. Proposals must be received 90 days prior to the anticipated start of the study. 

      As a first step, requestors must submit a brief concept proposal. If the concept aligns with our criteria and standards, we will invite the investigator to submit a full study proposal with a complete study protocol for further review and consideration. 

      All IIR proposals must be submitted via the Endo Grant Management System.

      A committee of our medical and scientific experts review the proposals and base their decisions on scientific merit; feasibility; safety, legal and ethical considerations; and alignment with Endo’s research areas of interest. A formal notification on the status of an application will be sent once a decision is reached.  

      Endo support for any independent Investigator-Initiated Research grant in no way implies any obligation toward and is not in any way connected to the recommendation or prescribing of Endo products. 

      After approval of a full study proposal, the following documents must be completed and submitted: 

      • Fully executed IIR agreement
      • Institutional review board (IRB)/Ethics committee (EC) approval documentation (IRB/EC approval letter, IRB/EC approved study protocol and IRB/EC approved informed consent form or IRB/EC waiver documentation)
      • Documentation of Investigational New Drug (IND)/Clinical Trials Application (СТА) or an exemption, if applicable
      • Final study protocol
      • Registration on, if applicable