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Reaching Patients in Need in India

A group of patients in India gather outside a mobile health van.

Healing Hands: Endo’s Mobile Health Unit in India

In a vast and diverse country like India, accessing healthcare can be a challenging journey, especially for those residing in remote regions, far from the hospitals or health facilities. 

Since 2017, Endo’s dedicated team in India has taken a leadership role in improving healthcare accessibility through a partnership with Hand in Hand India. Our joint Mobile Health Unit has brought vital care within reach for thousands of people—addressing health and igniting hope.

About Hand in Hand India

Hand in Hand India and Endo share a common purpose—to create a healthier community and be a force for good. Together, we’re proving that public-private collaboration can make a difference in healthcare access. 

Hand in Hand India is a transformative force in poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Since its inception in 2002, this pan-Indian non-governmental organization (NGO) has been dedicated to reshaping the future of rural India through access to education, affordable healthcare, skill development, entrepreneurship, financial inclusion, and environmental sustainability. 

Lifeline to the Remote: Endo’s Mobile Health Unit

Our Mobile Health Unit spans 32 villages and has served more than 175,000 patients. It serves as beacon of healthcare access and a catalyst for positive change.

The gamut of programs includes services in pediatrics, gynecology, ophthalmology, urology, dental hygiene, and the management of communicable diseases; health awareness and education; and specialized health and wellness camps designed to elevate healthy practices, hygiene, and the overall quality of life.

We quickly realized that while it focuses on healthcare, the Mobile Health Unit represents more than the physical health services it provides. Along with its core mission, the Mobile Health Unit provides care and hope for vulnerable people. 

The rewarding work has also resulted in quite a few awards. The Mobile Health Unit has earned corporate social responsibility accolades and recognition for improving health access, driving substantial and meaningful change, and demonstrating a successful public-private partnership.

We’re most proud that our commitment and success has led to an expansion of the project, reaching beyond Chennai to cover a larger area, including Indore, to help even more people who need healthcare services. It’s a testament to the real-life impact of our vision to help everyone we serve live their best life.