A Better Way to Approach Economics: Delivering Value Beyond the Pill

As we approach a drug industry-wide patent cliff, generics continue to move closer to center stage. When considering which medication to take, patients, physicians and payers alike are choosing between brand name and generic drugs. As a result, patients are often able to access an appropriate treatment option at a much-reduced cost.

In the pain management market, where approximately 90 percent of all prescriptions are generic, having a generics manufacturing arm such as Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, an Endo Health Solutions company, enhances Endo's ability to deliver cost-effective treatment solutions.

Beyond having a generic drug manufacturing operation and a broad, diverse product portfolio, the company's strategic advantage is how it's incorporating the generics business into its integrated health solutions approach to resolve specific customer challenges. For customers ranging from retail pharmacies to integrated health systems, Endo's treatment offerings and manufacturing flexibility can integrate a mix of branded and generic pharmaceuticals in ways that improve patient outcomes and lower total costs to pharmacies and payers.

Endo's unique ability to nimbly deliver diversified health care solutions begins with learning our customers’ needs—and then crafting unique solutions to satisfy them.

Endo is dedicated to assessing the needs of our customer partners, creating tailor-made solutions and delivering better outcomes. At Endo, that’s the real barometer of value.