A Better Way to Collaborate:
Advanced Education Continues Beyond Medical School

The practice of medicine is an institution built on breakthrough research, new treatment pathways and the dissemination of knowledge. Sharing this knowledge through advanced physician training is helping Endo blaze new ground for increased value and better patient care.

Today, new technologies are being engineered far more quickly than physicians can be trained on their use—even outpacing the curricula of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions and fellowship programs. This is especially common in the medical devices and services space. The lag in adoption rates of new therapies has created a need for health care companies to close the innovation gap and provide physician training that keeps pace with the development of treatment techniques and technologies.

The Global Education and Training group offered by American Medical Systems (AMS), an Endo Health Solutions company, leverages the power of peer-to-peer interaction and the principles of physician fellowship to deepen and strengthen the quality of training. The mentoring programs developed — both in person and online — reach beyond procedural training to efficiently enhance the practical skills involved with treating patients.

By fostering knowledge-sharing between physicians, mentors and technology experts, AMS employees have found another way to help physicians efficiently hone their clinical and practical skills. While some companies see physician training as a required initial step, AMS embraces it as a long-term, educational pathway to help outcomes for physicians, patients and payers.

AMS is finding innovative ways to educate physicians on procedural techniques and the attributes of the company's product offerings.